Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kids Are Fun(ny)

Lately my kids have been cracking me up, driving me crazy and making me sad for how quickly the youth is fading.
Sometimes they still seem so young and little and then they'll be with other kids and that's when I notice- they are not tiny anymore! Luke and Sadie are not toddlers, they are actual little kids. Little people! So at times I get a wee sad. But at the same time, I love that I can play Lego's with Luke, tell Jokes with Elliet and discuss serious matters, such as driving fast through the yellow light, with Sadie. Here are a few glimpses of late.
Elliet, still determined I call her Ellie, made our first official "Note to Parents". I read about this on other friends blogs where their kids are older... but ha- not anymore. Again, mine are actually OLDER. So, I guess now it begins. Pretty funny. "Okay and please do it. Thank you". Look at the size of that sheet of paper! It practically covers the freaking door. I think she's serious.
And this is a sweet peek of a calm, sleeping emotional tornado. This serene face is not commonly seen in nature but here is proof it exhists. Darn this boy and his sweet face. It gets me every time. I salivate just looking at this and want to smother that face with kisses and squeeze his little, square knees.
And finally, Sadie and all her girliness wanted hearts for the latest fingernail do. It was a challenge using that blunt, stubby brush to make hearts she would approve of. But we did it! And the customer was happy. And I know it's silly to take a photo of something like this, but I mostly did it because it's another sign of little girl growing up, those slightly pudgy little hands will be gone soon and I think it's so cute to see her little teeny tiny fingers with a spot of polish on the end. My last sight of little girl hands!

PS- Elliet, er, I mean ELLIE, asked me the other day... "Mom, is Bootie spanish for Bum?"
You tell me.


Jeannine said...

How funny, when I saw the picture of Lucas, before I read your blog, I said out loud, I just want to squeeze and kiss his cute little face. then I read your blog. It's so cute reading about these little kids. I love that Ellie is calling you Andrea. So awesome. I love those little guys

Aim said...

I know what you mean about kids getting older. It's really hit me lately, I have been trying to enjoy every moment. Even when I have to get up with them in the night, they won't always want to cuddle.

Mindy said...

It is so much fun to see your kids grow. How wonderful to see them do all of the fun things I remember from your family. It brings a smile to my face when I think about all of these memories and know that your kids will be carrying on traditions. No wonder you love it!

By the by: Tell "Ellie" I think it is pronounced "pompies" in Spanish. :)

Erica said...

Ellie? That's funny. I can't wait to see her and ask her about that.

Yennigirl said...

I LOVE that note!! Kids write the best notes!

anna said...

i remember the pains you went through to pick elliet's perfect little's too bad that kids want to be called WHAT THEY want to be called. ha! and um, i am pretty sure she is SERIOUS. hello, she called you ANDREA. (i swear macrae called me anna yesterday. hello, he doesn't even really talk yet. i am so in trouble)
and what is it about little boys and how much you wanna just smooch on them! yum! do they REALLY have to grow up and get married to someone else? i mean, can't we always be their girlfriends? no fair.
aw, the nailpolish on the little baby hands. she's still a baby with THOSE fingers. what with the short little nails. so cute! oh, and isla talks to me about going through yellow lights all the time. i don't get it? who is teaching these little munchkins all about traffic laws already?? certainly not me!
(sorry about the super long comment. it's obvious we haven't talked in a LOOOONG TIME. miss you)

La La Land said...

I hope you kept the note. Priceless.

Megan said...

That note is hysterical! You should get her the book Eleanor, Ellatony, Ellencake, and Me. It's all about names that different people in her family call her and she wants people to call her Ellie. It is perfect for her.